Roger Clemens Learns What's In A Name

clemens 123008.jpgThe Associated Press is reporting that Memorial Hermann is dropping the "Roger Clemens" from the Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine at Memorial Hermann facility.

The "Memorial Hermann" part will stay, apparently, unless there's a steroid scandal.

MH spokeswoman Ann Brimberry refused to say whether the move had anything to do with the recent unpleasantness.

Instead she just pointed to the hospital's official statement:
"The move reflects a desire to promote the broad range of sports medicine services and programs offered by Memorial Hermann across the greater Houston area. This change only affects the name of the Institute. Roger Clemens remains committed to working with us to champion youth sports and develop aspiring baseball players."

How those aspiring baseball players will be developed was not specified, but maybe Brian McNamee has some ideas.

The facility will now be renamed the Jose Canseco Institute for Sports Medicine at Memorial Hermann, we were not told.

-- Richard Connelly

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