Southwest Adding Flights To See Obama Get His First Executive Experience

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As we've noted before, Houstonians are going wild over the chance to be in DC for Barack Obama's inauguration (assuming it still goes on, after the world discovers The Truth about his birth certificate.)

More proof: Southwest Airlines is adding flights to Washington just to handle the increased demand, and Houston is one of the cities included.

The airline is adding one non-stop from Hobby to Baltimore on January 17; the only return flight added, oddly, is on January 18.

It's not much, but it's the most the airline can do, spokesman Chris Mainz tells Hair Balls.

"We do this often for big events, like in college bowl season, but I do believe this is the first time we've done it for a presidential inauguration," he says. "When we can, and when we have flights available, we do it."

So how was Houston chosen? Did Southwest study voter returns?

No. "It's based on our bookings with the current flight schedule," Mainz says. "If we see really high load factors and can add a flight, we do."

Southwest will not, however, be able to help you get tickets to the Inauguration.

You're on your own there, utterly dependent on how competent your Congressperson is.

Constituents of Sheila Jackson Lee, be very afraid.

-- Richard Connelly

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