Over the Weekend: Special Bikini Edition

Even though temperatures are dropping, a rare confluence of events has prompted a double bill of bikini coverage over here at Hair Balls. We swear it wasn't intentional.

12:30 a.m. at Bikini Beach

We had no idea this Clear Lake joint existed till Bill Olive sent us a round of photos from Saturday night.

Top Ten Bond Girl Bikini Moments

The new 007 flick opens this weekend, and our resident movie guy Pete Vonder-Haar will be looking at James Bond flicks of yore all week long, but we start off by looking back at our favorite two-piece moments.

The National at Rice University

The Brooklyn indie faves performed before noon on Friday to kick off the university's Centennial Campaign.

The College Football Report

Meanwhile, Texas Tech is still kicking ass, and John Royal thinks his UH Cougars don't deserve a Bowl.

Here's hoping your Monday isn't totally sucky. -- Keith Plocek

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