If You're Gonna Be Extradited, It Might As Well Be For Selling Fake Viagra

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Randy Gonzales can be proud, indeed: He is the first man ever extradited to the United States for selling fake boner pills.

Top o' the world, Ma!!!!

Gonzales was sentenced today to 20 months in federal prison without parole for selling fake Viagra and Cialis over the Internet. Agents seized over 75,000 pills worth more than $776,000.

His HQ was in Bangkok, capital of the League of Middle-School Humorists (Interplanetary HQ is on Uranus).

That's not the only great place name involved, though.

The pills were smuggled to a store in the very classy Harwin area of Houston. The name of the establishment was, according to the feds, RU SOPHISTICATED.

Talk about class: The text-message abbreviation, the all-caps, the lack of a question mark -- Where else would you go for bootleg Viagra?

Two other individuals in the nefarious plot, including the owner of RU SOPHISTICATED, are already doing prison time.

-- Richard Connelly

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