Who Wants to See W.?

Over at Deadline Hollywood Daily (which just so happens to be affiliated with our sister rag LA Weekly), Nikki Finke cites an interesting Fandango poll of moviegoers who plan on seeing W., Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic that features the infamous night when George W. drunkenly crashed a car onto the front lawn of George H. W.’s Houston home, among other Space City moments (we hope).

Of those who said they plan on seeing the flick:

57 percent are male
58 percent are ages 25 to 49
66 percent say they want to see W. because of the controversy surrounding the film
34 percent say they voted for George W. Bush in a previous election
27 percent say they will vote for McCain
53 percent say they will vote for Obama
80 percent have seen at least one of Oliver Stone’s previous movies
100 percent don’t mind filling out mindless online questionnaires

Okay, we just threw that last one in there.

Keith Plocek

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