Teacher Of The Year And Hero To Drunk Drivers

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We wondered yesterday if the woman who may set hundreds of drunk drivers free because she failed to test breathalyzer equipment could possibly be the same woman who won a Teacher of the Year award in 2007 for her work at Sharpstown Middle School.

No way, we thought, although how many Deetrice Wallace's could there be?

Now we know -- it is the same person.

"I've just confirmed that she is a teacher at Sharpstown HS," HISD spokesman Norm Uhl tells Hair Balls. "She has been reassigned to non-school duties pending the outcome of the case."

So remember, kids -- don't drive drunk. But if you do, hope that you have a Teacher of the Year moonlighting on the breathalyzers. It might help your chances of getting into Harvard, not having that DUI conviction.

And isn't that what being a great teacher is all about?

-- Richard Connelly

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