Memorial & Hunters Creek Village -- The Real America

Human Events has released its latest Top Ten list, in this case the top ten zip codes in terms of donations to John McCain.

On the list at Number 8 -- Our very own 77024. It's given $540,309 to the McCain campaign.

It's right behind 75205 in "Dallas" (actually Highland Park & University Park) and right before 78209 in San Antonio.

Says Steve Benen of Washington Monthly:

I suppose St. Louis and those cities in Texas probably qualify as "real America" by McCain campaign standards, but New York, Greenwich, McLean (a wealthy D.C. suburb), and Newport Beach sound like the kind of places where we might find some rascally elitists who aren't sufficiently "pro-America."

Not so fast, Benen.

77024 contains the Memorial area, Hunters Creek Village and all those places. Estimated median house value is over $500,000, or five times the statewide median.

It's also includes the part-time home of former President Bush.

Number of Joe the Plumbers: Not so much. Unless you count the heads of huge plumbing conglomerates.

-- Richard Connelly

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