We Get Ike, Dallas Gets A Minor Earthquake

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In our "WTF?" news of the day comes word that Dallas got hit by an earthquake last night. More than a dozen crack pipes were shattered after falling from lockers at Cowboy HQ in Valley Ranch (We're assuming).

We lived in Dallas for five long years and don't remember any earthquakes. And we thing we would have remembered them, even if they were like this one, a 2.5-magnitude job described by a geophysicist as feeling "like a lightly loaded truck passing by, kind of a sharp jerk and then a rapid vibration."

It turns out Texas -- at least those parts of Texas that aren't Houston -- do tend to get minor earthquakes from time to time. Here's the official U.S. Geological Society history of the state's shaking. (If that doesn't work, try this.)

We're sure FEMA is pulling trucks out of Galveston in order to help the poor citizens of Big D.

-- Richard Connelly

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