Bring On The Protesters: Vietnam To Open Houston Consulate

Categories: Spaced City
The Vietnamese community in Houston has long been a vibrant and active one, and it looks now like they'll be getting some recognition for it.

After months of rumors, it appears the Vietnamese government is going ahead with a plan to open a consulate here.

Right now Vietnam has consulates only in Washington, DC and San Francisco.

A proposal to open the consulate will be presented to Vietnam's version of Congress soon, according to newspaper reports.

Not only will that make things like visas and other bureaucratic stuff for local residents, it will no doubt provide entertainment for Houstonians. Vietnam being Vietnam, a lot of Houstonians here are opponents of the current government and no doubt will be expressing their opinions outside the consulate from time to time.

Falun Gong, you've got competition.

-- Richard Connelly

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