The Initial Bill For Clean-Up In Houston: Almost $100 Million

Categories: Hurricane Ike
The always sharp-eyed Ubu Roi on bloghouston has noted that the agenda for the upcoming emergency Houston City Council meeting includes approving a contract for debris removal.

The cost: $98 million.

That's a lot of friggin' debris.

As Ubu Roi puts it: "[Agenda item]Number 3.a. is the jaw-dropper. Nearly $100 million to remove debris? Wow. Just wow."

Don't have too much of a heart attack, though -- the deal includes eventual reimbursement from FEMA. So it will all be federal money.

And therefore not any of your tax dollars. Oh, wait.......

(By the way, we just checked Ubu Roi's home site and noticed he, too, did a piece on Gilchrist. Honest to God, we didn't see it before our posting or we'd have been glad to give credit.)

-- Richard Connelly

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