ICE Won't Be Nabbing Illegals At Hurricane Shelters

Categories: Hurricane Ike
Safety first.

That’s the message from federal immigration authorities this morning who say illegal immigrants needing to evacuate or use public shelters during Hurricane Ike should feel safe to do so without fear of being detained and possibly deported.

“It shows the nature of the business,” says U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Gregory Palmore, “that not only are we an enforcement arm but we are primarily concerned with public safety and making sure that individuals are safe and secure.”

According to an ICE news release, there will be no immigration enforcement operations associated with evacuations and sheltering.

Instead, ICE says its officers will be at-the-ready to help in the effort to aid those needing assistance during Ike.

See, who says ICE doesn’t have a heart? Bravo.

-- Chris Vogel

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