New Orleans Wants To Return The Favor

Categories: Hurricane Ike
All you Houstonians who have been bitching about that New Orleans riff-raff that came here after Katrina, prepare to feel shame.

Ray Nagin, mayor of the Big Easy, is going to officially welcome anyone from Houston displaced by Ike.

Here's the announcement:

Mayor Ray Nagin, joined by leaders of the New Orleans hospitality community, will extend an invitation to Texas residents and anyone else seeking safe shelter in advance of Hurricane Ike, in return for the hospitality the Houston community showed New Orleanians in the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina.

Anyone who takes him up on his offer, be sure to a) start a crime wave; b) trigger riots in the high schools; c) start selling crack and d) whatever else it is that people allege the New Orleans folks did.

Fair's fair.

-- Richard Connelly

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