Things Not Getting Better At The Humane Society

Categories: Hurricane Ike
As we noted yesterday, conditions are dire at the Houston Humane Society. They're not much better today.

The place is still at five times its capacity, but that's not the big worry, spokeswoman Melanie Roushe tells Hair Balls.

Instead it's the lack of supplies that's at a crucial stage.

"We're keeping our chin up; we're without power and water but Houston has been extremely supportive," she says. "We are extremely low on kitty litter, blankets and towels and water."

She says conditions are "crowded but comfortable," and if they get too packed in there's a ready list of people who've said they will temporarily board animals.

If you want to donate supplies, just take them by the HHS headquarters, 14700 Almeda Road, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

-- Richard Connelly

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