The Hits Keep Coming From The BP Refinery

Categories: Environment
Fresh on the heels of our post last Friday about British Petroleum facing a potential of $650,000 penalty for illegally dumping hazardous crap into the earth, the company has informed the state of four more "emissions events."

Last night for about two hours, BP's refinery released
an estimated 2,725.59 pounds of sulfur dioxide when the pressure spiked during a planned shutdown -- so if you were cruising through Texas City and noticed a suffocating smell that may have been it.

Meanwhile, starting today, and continuing for the next week, BP has three more emissions events scheduled that are related to maintenance
and the aforementioned
planned shutdown
at the refinery. Through the magic of the Internet, you can determine the substances involved in the releases, which include benzene. All of this info is sent by BP to the state environmental regulators.

Hairballs does not report this to spread fear among the populace but merely to give the public something to ponder when they're stuck in traffic.

-- Steve Olafson

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