Telecommuting Is The Way To Go

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High gas prices are proving useful for those who want to work in their PJs. The Houston Business Journal recently reported that more than two-thirds of executives from the nation’s top companies allow employees to work off site. The survey, conducted by OfficeTeam, polled 150 senior executives and also found that 82 percent expected the number of work-from-homers to increase in the next five years.

That is, unless they have trouble finding the “any” key.

After the jump, see our top reasons to work from home:

Sexual harassment never an issue. (Unless your spouse has a headache.)

YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook never blocked by IT Guy.

No ties or panty hose – in fact – NO CLOTHES!

No more annoying e-mails about emptying the coffee pot and not refilling it. (For those who send those e-mails, read on)

No more dealing with those jerks who don’t refill empty coffee pots!

You’ll never have to “look busy” again.

Lunch hour, lunch afternoon – Who's counting minutes?

You’ll finally have time to devote to your other job: cooking crystal meth.

Two words. Nap. Time.

Three more words: Houston. Rush. Hour.

-- Dusti Rhodes

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