No More Family Guy For Star Furniture

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Star Furniture, the third in the Houston triumvirate of ubiquitously advertising furniture stores, has made a bold decision.

They've decided to crumble helplessly in the face of some right-wing whiners.

Star, along with Dallas-based The Room Store and Corpus Christi's Whataburger, are the latest companies to say they will no longer advertise on Family Guy.

And thus Houston, and America, is saved from depravity.

The Houston Business Journal reported this week that the Parent Television Council has convinced Star to join the boycott.

PTC's website gives Family Guy a "red stop-light," meaning "burn your eyes with bleach rather than watch this," and summarizes the show like this:

Family Guy is rated red for sex. Although the show is intended to be a satire of the American family, it depends heavily on oblique sexual innuendo and sexual themes such as incest, bestiality and pedophilia. The season premiere, a parody of Star Wars features a neighborhood pedophile in the role of Obi Wan Kenobi. Instead of mentoring the Griffins teenage son, Chris, he spends the episode trying to seduce him. In another episode, Chris takes his sister Meg’s job at a mini-mart. At one point Meg is shown working as a phone-sex operator. When her client hangs up in frustration, it is revealed that it was her own father on the other line....Language is a significant problem in this series. Words such as ‘ass’, ‘douche’, and ‘bitch’ are used in almost every episode.

Star's advertising director told HBJ that the company was not even aware their ads were running on Family Guy.

Meaning, we guess, absolutely no one at Star Furniture ever, ever watches Family Guy. Or maybe they just DVR it and skip through the commercials like the rest of us.

-- Richard Connelly

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