And We Now Go to North Downtown, Where John Royal Is Waiting for Edouard's Effects...

Categories: Spaced City
From the 22nd floor of the Bank of America Building, on the edge of the downtown Theater District, things are up and running. The streets are wet, but the parking garages are open, the tunnel is open, and more importantly, the food establishments are up and open. So, for us tunnel rats, things are normal.

The Bayou Place/Theater District Parking Garage was rather empty, but entering the tunnel system at about 8:00, things appeared normal, as if there were no storm. Murphy's Deli had a line of people buying breakfast and except for some people with umbrellas, there was no indication whatsoever of rain. Looking out my window on the 22nd floor, the skies are kind of dark, but it doesn't appear windy, and it looks more like a standard-issue summer thunderstorm.

The only real difference is that the streets are rather empty of cars, especially for this time of day. And most important, for anybody who works down this way and remembers Allison, Buffalo Bayou looks fine.

So, reporting from Bank of America, this is John Royal.

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