John Edwards Admits He (Kinda) Lied To The Houston Press

The breaking political news today is that John Edwards admits in an interview to be televised tonight that, yeah, he did have that affair.

Which means the thing will finally get some MSM coverage.

If you're going to admit to an affair, we guess it's best to do it on the day of the Olympics' opening ceremony and a burgeoning war between Russia and Georgia.

But the admission leads us to reflect on Hair Balls' brief but important part in this sleazy episode.

For the longest while, we were the only media outlet to ask Edwards about the allegations in the National Enquirer.

Press editorial assistant Blake Whitaker did the honors, at a press conference here in Houston where Edwards was talking about initiatives to help low-income locals. That video is linked in the New York Times blog item above.

His response at the time: "That's tabloid trash," he said. "They're full of lies. I'm here to talk about helping people."

None of which answered the question.

The Columbia Journalism Review called us to wonder why we were the only outlet to ask the question.

We must not have provided good answers, for their article on the matter doesn't even mention us.

-- Richard Connelly

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