Priscilla Slade and TSU Still making News

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We're not sure why, but Texas Southern's flamboyant, fabulous, free-spending and non-felonious former president Priscilla Slade is back in the news.

Several media outlets around the country have picked up a recent AP report that essentially recounts Slade's luxurious lifestyle and how the criminal case against her is "ending quietly."

Slade settled her case in March after a mistrial, and another former TSU official settled early last month. But we guess it takes time for news to travel from our sleepy burg.

We shouldn't begrudge any effort to revel in Slade's reign of error, though.

For an in-depth look at TSU's saga, check this Press story.

Of course, Slade won our coveted Turkey of the Year award in 2007. And her AlmostMySpace page is here.

Don't be a stranger, Priscilla.

-- Richard Connelly

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