Jesus on a Pole -- Updated

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The plot has thickened at the Miraculous Jesus Pole in Alice, Texas. Things have taken a turn for the worse. According to another report from the Alice-Echo News, not everyone venerated the wondrous shrine.

Sometime Tuesday night, one or more individuals vandalized the utility pole at the corner of Dickey and Sixth streets, which visitors say displays the image of Jesus.

A black marker was used on the “face” of the pole, adding a thick mustache.

Maribel Martinez, who first saw Jesus on the Pole, is reportedly furious and says that she will have the miscreants arrested.

Meanwhile, other denizens of Alice claim the pole has still more holy powers than previously believed – some see the Sacred Heart of Jesus and others see the Virgin Mary.

“It’s there, I feel something,” on onlooker told the Echo-News. “I’m feeling the Holy Spirit here.”

Maybe the Holy Spirit drew the mustache too. Who’s to say Jesus hasn’t had a make-over?

-- John Nova Lomax

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