Police Officer Fired For (Approved) Blow Jobs

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You're an undercover cop assigned to get the goods on an alleged prostitution ring. You get approval to have sex in the course of your investigation, approval from your supervisor and your wife, for crying out loud.

You do what you're told. You get blow jobs. You go all the way, once. Maybe.

Then you get fired.

That's what happened to Beaumont police officer Keith Breiner. He was suspended from the force July 21 after an assistant police chief found out about the activity.

Beaumont PD isn't talking, but Breiner's attorney, Larry Watts, is. There's a hearing scheduled August 12 on an injunction seeking his client's job back.

"My son, who's an attorney, said 'Dad, I thought you usually represented people who got fired for not doing their jobs," Watts tells Hair Balls. "This is the first time I've represented someone fired for doing theirs."

It was tough work, but Breiner was up to it. After he checked with his wife of 12 years.

"The wife understood it was not an act he was engaging in for any other reason than his employment and for the public safety," Watts says. Since the investigation was intended to lead to felony charges, she thought it was worth it.

(And that's all we'll say about that, being married and all.)

Eventually, the investigation was cut short, after a half-dozen or so blowjobs ("there may have been one 'active coitus,'" Watts says). We're sure Breiner was eager to continue the case.

Two women were arrested, made bond and disappeared. The pimps were never charged.

"Same old story -- The guys get off and the women go down," Watts says.

In a statement with many layers.

-- Richard Connelly

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