HPD Cops Indicted For Stealing From HPD Cops

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Oh, oh, somebody’s in trouble at HPD. Seems the Harris County District Attorney’s Office just indicted HPD officer Jeffrey Larson and former officer Ronny Martin for theft. Who did Larson and Martin allegedly steal from? Wait for it...the Houston Police Officers Union. Well damn. The two are accused of misappropriating cash, credit cards, even vehicles totaling more than $100,000 during a four-year period. The men face first-degree felony charges of Aggregate Theft by a Public Servant and second-degree felony charges of Misapplication of Fiduciary Property. Martin, who had been HPOU’s secretary and was a member of the union’s board of directors, is accused of “orchestrating the scheme.” Larson, treasurer for HPOU, was his flunky, er, we mean, accomplice. (Allegedy, allegedly.)

Olivia Flores Alvarez

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