Over the Weekend: Pride Parade, La Carafe, Frank's Pizza, Stone Temple Pilots and Houston Astros

We hope everyone had a loud and proud weekend. We sure did, and we'll have a wrap-up of Saturday's Houston Pride Parade festivities in a little bit. Promise.

1:17 a.m. at La Carafe

Photo by Bill Olive

Photog Bill Olive hit up Market Square for a glass of wine...

2:04 a.m. at Frank's Pizza

Photo by Bill Olive

...and a slice of 'za.

Stone Temple Pilots in the Woodlands

Photo by Mark C. Austin

After six years, a couple of bands and a few more arrests, STP made it back to town.

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros

Thirty-three runs later, the 'Stros managed to take two from the BoSox.

Month in Photos: June 2008

Photo by Mark C. Austin

And we leave you with the Month in Photos, the place to see Tom Waits, Bonnaroo, beautiful women, sweaty guys, Pancho Villa, bowling, John McCain, tortillas and Vegas, baby. -- Keith Plocek

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