Over the Weekend: Mugsy's, Big Easy, SW Foodservice Expo, Tom Waits and Astros

George Carlin, RIP. We now pause for a moment of seven-word cussing...

12:04 a.m. at Mugsy's

Photo by Bill Olive

Bill Olive hung out on Kirby on Saturday night, starting at Mugsy's...

1 a.m. at the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club

Photo by Bill Olive

...and working his way down to the Big Easy.

2008 Southwest Foodservice Expo

Photo by Jay Francis

Jay Francis tried some Dry Soda at the Foodservice Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Tom Waits at Jones Hall

Photo by Mark C Austin

Tom Waits performed to a sold-out crowd last night at Jones Hall. Mark C. Austin was there for photos. We'll have words in a little bit.

Astros vs. Rays

The 'Stros actually won a series. Imagine that.

We've still got photos of Saturday's Lebowski Fest at the Caroline Collective on the way. Stay tuned. -- Keith Plocek

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