Over the Weekend: Red Door, Boheme, Scene, Astros and Rockets

We hope everyone had a great Texas Independence Day yesterday. We sure did, even though we didn’t know it was a holiday. So much for the seventh grade.

1 a.m. at Red Door, 1:20 a.m. at Boheme and 2:30 a.m. at Scene


Photog Bill Olive once again hit the streets and brought back more photos of Houston nightlife.

“Astros Baseball: Something To Do Before The Hurricane Comes Inland”

That’s the winner in our contest to create a new marketing slogan for the Houston Astros. We had almost 150 entries. Check out the runners-up over here.

Rockets Take Down the Nuggets for Their 15th Straight Win

With or without Yao, the team just won’t stop. Jason Friedman was there, and he’s got quotes from a couple players to prove it.

Be sure to vote tomorrow, y’all. Also, don't forget the Alamo. – Keith Plocek

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