Do We Finally Have a Republican Candidate Who Can Cure Bird Flu?

Yesterday’s GOP presidential primary was a snoozer, but it did reveal this: 143 people thought Hoa Tran would make a good president. Or at least a good Republican candidate for president.

Tran more than doubled the Harris County vote of wacko Hugh Cort, dealing a likely knockout blow to Cort’s presidential chances. (Statewide, Cort did manage to beat Tran.)

Who the hell is Tran? Amazingly, the internets reveal little. But according to one researcher, she’s a Houstonian who claims to have found a cure for bird flu and anthrax. Something John McCain has been unable to do, by the way.

We were unable to reach Tran, so we have no idea whether she plans to press on to the other primaries. – Richard Connelly

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