Over the Weekend: Preppies, Forwards and Movie Stars

Morning. Hope everyone had a fun time watching the Oscars. We know Miss Pop Rocks did, but we’ll get to that in a second. First things first…

1 a.m. at Lizzards and 1:30 a.m at Velvet Melvin


Bill Olive hit up a couple of bars in Upper Kirby on Saturday night and brought back photos of preppies and the women who love them.

Rockets Win 12 in a Row

These guys are on a roll. Sports columnist Jason Friedman was there for the latest takedown.

The Oscars. The Oscars. The Oscars.


Our pop culture columnist wolfed down Star Pizza and raw cookie dough and laid down running commentary for the first half of the show. Billions of people will read her column. Billions. Billions.

If we keep saying “billions,” it has to be true… -- Keith Plocek

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