Over the Weekend: Fiery Furnaces at Proletariat, Cirque du SoGay at Numbers, Giants at the Top of the Heap

What a game. What a game. Sorry, Pats fans. You lose. The John Royal Jinx shows no mercy. But we’ll have more on that in a moment. First, let’s talk nightlife.

The Proletariat’s Last Weekend


The Richmond hipster haven is no more. We’ve got all kinds of memories of the place: some good, some bad, all drunk and loud. Here’s a slideshow of crowd shots from Saturday’s Fiery Furnaces show.

Cirque du SoGay at Numbers


This gender-bending show brought out a no-holds-barred crowd. Look no further than this slideshow for proof.

Giants Win the Super Bowl

If you’re not familiar with the John Royal Jinx, here’s a primer. Needless to say, the man struck again. And we can’t help but be happy, because it was one helluva game. Too bad the commercials weren’t all that, as Miss Pop Rocks was quick to point out.

Seriously, what was up with the commercials? We haven’t been so uninspired since that one thing, whatever it was. You remember, right? Yeah, neither do we. – Keith Plocek

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