Over the Weekend: Bar Hopping and Political Posturing

So George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and a llama walk into a bar…

Happy Presidents’ Day, y’all. Does anyone actually get this day off, besides Newman and Claven? We sure could’ve used the extra sleep, especially after yesterday’s beautiful weather (i.e. outdoor drinking).

12:09 a.m. at Pearl Bar; 1 a.m. at Big Top; 1:30 a.m. at Continental Club


Photog Bill Olive went bar-hopping on Saturday night and brought back photos of local rockers and sexy newscasters.

Miss Pop Rocks Got All Political


Our pop-culture columnist managed to tear herself away from TMZ long enough to watch the Sunday morning news shows.

The Aeros Got Shut Out. Twice.

I think the schedule absolutely kicked our butt,” Coach Kevin Constantine told Ballz columnist John Royal.

Chuck Rosenthal Resigned

Sure, this actually happened on Friday afternoon, but we’re sure the DA actually meant to announce his resignation today, when the revelation wouldn’t get buried in the weekend news cycle.

Man, yesterday was beautiful. Pass the aspirin. – Keith Plocek

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