Keep Your Hands Off My Copy: Cauldron Advisor Nicole Causarez Resigns

Categories: Education

Student journalists – the unemployed of tomorrow! – often have a tough time with their school administrations.

The administrations write the checks that let the papers live, and they often don’t like having to read the kinds of stories that good reporters do.

The latest flare-up is at the University of St. Thomas, where Nicole Causarez, for 20 years the advisor to the student paper The Cauldron, resigned today.

She quit in protest over UST trying to exert more control over editorial content, according to former Cauldron editor Marion Fernandez Cueto.

“Casarez told administrators she would resign rather than serve as advisor to a paper controlled by people who did not understand the concept of news or the role of a newspaper,” Fernandez Cueto wrote in an email to the Houston Press.

We wish the Cauldron folks well in their fight. But it can be tough when you’re not the ones buying the ink. – Richard Connelly

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