Over the Weekend: Super Happy Fun Land, Drinking and Hockey...But Not All at the Same Time

In German there's apparently a phrase that translates to "speaking about the weather," which doesn't necessarily mean you talked about the weather with someone; it just means y'all didn't have a whole lot to say. Anyway, we sure are glad it wasn't completely sucky outside this weekend. Not that we spent a bunch of time outdoors. We were too busy drinking, dancing and watching the Aeros lose. Twice.

Super Happy Fun Land Reopening Party


Poopy Lungstuffing, the Annoysters, Styrofoam Duck, Muzak John and Kevin 11 helped christen the new SHFL location on Polk Street. We dropped by and brought back words and pics.

12:15 a.m. at Kobain and 1 a.m. at Catbirds


Bill Olive gave us another round of party pics, this time moving from yupster to hipster, from alt-rock to free jazz.

Aeros Face Off Against the Rampage

The Aeros lost. Twice. We'll let our esteemed sports columnist take it from here.

Here's hoping you put the "mo" in Monday, whatever that means. -- Keith Plocek

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