Mike Huckabee Will Rock You

Even if you’re not a Mike Huckabee supporter, you might be compelled to make a donation to his campaign this weekend. That’s because the Republican presidential hopeful’s classic rock cover band (yep, you read that correctly) will be playing a fundraiser up near Navasota.

The band, called Capitol Offense, will rock out at Chuck Norris’s Lone Wolf Ranch at a barbecue on Sunday. It will be a rare opportunity to see Huck jamming “Free Bird” along with the rest of his band mates, which include a pastor, an accountant and Huck’s former staffers. Or, if you don’t want to donate, you can read this review of the Huckster at Red Rock (courtesy of our pals at the Denver Westword) or settle for this YouTube clip from New Hampshire. – Julia Youssefnia

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