Racehorse Haynes Has Still Got It, If "It" Is the Ability to Defend Women Who Give Blow Jobs to 16-year-old Boys

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Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, the legendary Houston lawyer who defended Cullen Davis and who was a star in the case that led to the book and movie Blood and Money, is 80 years old.

What’s he up to? Defending a 41-year-old Austin woman who gave blow jobs to her 16-year-old neighbor.

You have to register to read the story in the Austin American-Statesman, or you can use the link at www.obscurestore.com for the details. Essentially the woman fell in love with the kid, she says, and gave him a cell phone and started spending plenty of time with him.

Racehorse hasn’t lost his touch, if his quoted final argument is any evidence. He speaks forthrightly and eloquently for the right of 16-year-old boys to get blow jobs from demented older women:

[Haynes said] the victim "was out of line for a man his age to believe he was in love with a woman of her age. He asked her to buy him things. He asked her to take him places and to do things to him. Where in God's name is the assault on this young man?"

You tell it, Racehorse. But maybe it’s time to head for the stables. Or be put out to stud, if you prefer. – Richard Connelly

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