Shuttle Cock

Categories: Spaced City
This just in: Texans don’t like photos of astronauts getting it on. According to Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith, the magazine’s May cover – headlined “Astronaut Sex!” – helped make the issue “the second-worst newsstand seller in the magazine’s thirty-four-plus-year history.” Personally, I don’t see what the problem is, as the astronauts are wearing their space suits, and they aren’t even in the act of doing it – although, not knowing the intricacies of astronaut sex, it’s difficult to tell if they’re in a pre- or post-coital configuration. But the best part of Smith’s blog is when he mentions the other headlines the editors batted around, including “If this shuttle’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin.’” He even talks about other ideas for the cover, which, while pretty cool, don’t hold a candle to Kevin Scanlon’s brilliant photo for another kind of NASA-related sex story. -- Craig Malisow

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