Truth in Advertising

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There's something crooked going on here.
Ford really is the best in Texas — when it comes to getting jacked, at least.

Ford pickups topped the Texas Department of Public Safety's list of stolen vehicles for 2006, followed by Chevy (drivin' Texas!) and Dodge (born on the Llano Estacado!). Apparently this is the first time in more than ten years that Chevy hasn't held the top spot. Take that, Mellencamp.

Here's the Top Ten:

1. Ford Pickup 2. Chevrolet Pickup 3. Dodge Pickup 4. Honda Accord 5. Honda Civic 6. Chevrolet Tahoe 7. GMC Pickup 8. Ford Taurus 9. Toyota Camry 10. Chevrolet Suburban

We're surprised there were no Nissans on the list. After all, it is the Official Truck of Jihad. -- Keith Plocek

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