Re: We Truly Do Live in a Spaced City

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Ladies Home Journal has posted an interview from last September with Lisa Marie Nowak, the astronaut whose bizarre love triangle has given NASA more attention than when it faked the moon landing.

Here are a couple of context-free quotes, augmented by one we just made up on the spot. We'll let you figure about which is which.

"Competitive, determined, energetic. Those are probably good words to describe me as a kid."

"So I tried something else...something different, so that you can find a way to accomplish a goal that's not clearly down the path you originally planned, but down a different path."

"And really, isn't being an astronaut all about taking risks, doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, even if that means hopping in the car and driving 900 miles in adult diapers to don a wig and a trench coat and attack your rival with pepper spray?"

Click here for the full interview. -- Keith Plocek

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