Re: Wanted: Stoopid Christmas Fotos

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Courtesy of Jay Lee
You must not upset Farting Bear.

Um, we may have a winner.

As you may have heard, we're taking submissions for Stoopid Holiday Fotos, and we're doling out prizes. Our pal Charles at Off the Kuff has been spreading the word, and he has directed blogger Jay Lee to us. Jay not only sent us stoopid fotos of lawn decorations, he sent an entire gallery.

Courtesy of Jay Lee
Hot daing, it's a Ricky Bobby Crismus!

Our personal favorite is what he calls the "Farting Bear," (which sounds like a Mel Brooks Indian name from Blazing Saddles, frankly), but Lee has more. Check out his entry on goofy lawn ornaments here.

Nice job, Jay, and way to go above and beyond. The contest is still open, but Jay might be hard to beat. — Steven Devadanam

Check out Jay's mesmerizing gallery here.

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