All of Borat, All of Time

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Dammit, with all the Borat hoopla, I can't get his broken English out of my head.

For the last two weeks, I've been "laughing on" the comedic stylings of my coworkers John and Rich. I can't stop excitedly refering to the restroom as a "lav-a-torrrry." And I've developed a new line in trying to woo my wife:

"So, shall we make the sexy time now?"

(It doesn't work, btw.)

I attended the Katy/Cinco Ranch game last weekend for an upcoming Been There, Done That column. And seeing Katy's head football coach Gary Joseph reminded that there really are six degrees of Borat. So here's our favorite Kazakh journo with Coach Joseph, from a post our old pal Ray Hafner did back in August. Note how the mens can throw. -- Steven Devadanam

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