Blonde Ambition

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Copyright 00A9 2006 ABC, Inc. / Bob D'Amico
H-town "Socialite" Erica will compete for a cosmetics Prince...

Spoke to a rather grouchy publicist (the first one of those I've ever encountered — seriously) at ABC earlier today regarding two Houston women who'll appear on the upcoming season of The Bachelor. As you may have heard, Erica, 23, a blonde, buxom Houston "socialite" and
Jami, 27, an equally blonde and attractive Galveston event planner, will vie for the attention of "handsome" Prince Lorenzo Borghese who works in, er, cosmetics.

You'll have a chance to see Erica and Jami on the 8 p.m. October 2 season premiere, where Prince Borghese's cocktail party is crashed by two Italian hotties, who plot to steal Lorenzo's heart and attention. Cue the angry American ladies, who start a tug-of-war with the Prince Borghese (again, who deals in cosmetics).

Copyright 00A9 2006 ABC, Inc. / Bob D'Amico
...against Galveston event planner Jami and 23 other nubile ladies.

I'd love to give you more dirt on the two ladies, but the grouchy ABC rep told me that we can't talk to our two home girls until after they've been eliminated. Until then, feel free to start calling every hot, blonde socialite named Erica and event planner named Liz you know, and ask them if they're appearing on a reality TV show. Just don't tell the ABC rep that I sent you. She ain't playin'. -- Steven Devadanam

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