Another Cat Mutilated in Timbergrove

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This cat killer is one sick puppy.
Timbergrove residents are upset after yet another dead and dismembered cat was discovered over the weekend.

The September 20th discovery is the latest in a string of grisly killings in the otherwise peaceful community just west of the Heights. Jennifer Estopinal, who lives in the adjacent Lazybrook neighborhood and runs a Facebook page about the incidents, told us in an email that the cat's owners "discovered his mutilated remains laid out as a display in center of front yard; no blood."

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College Football, Week 4: The Weekend In Tweets, Vines, and YouTube

Debbie R
We rate teams according to the super-scientific "Iron Sheik" scale.
We're still waiting, college football.

Still waiting on that "Holy shit!" weekend of games where some foundational pieces of the Top 25 get shaken up and we see the earth shift a little bit in this brave new world of college football where all roads lead to a post season playoff, albeit a miniature four-teamer.

(This is where I gaze longingly at a cartoon "thought bubble" over my head with a bracket for a 16 team playoff, and a tear slides down my face like the Native American in the old commercial where he sees some regular American folks tossing trash on the ground in our great nation.)

This weekend was flush with opportunity -- spunky, revived West Virginia hosting Oklahoma, Mike Leach hosting a somewhat overrated Oregon, Auburn traveling to take on Bill Snyder at night, and of course, Clemson taking on the Jameis-less Seminoles.

In the end, we got a little bit of entertaining football, numerous opportunities to make fun of Jameis Winston, another Dabo meltdown, and the rankings all pretty much look status quo, save Dan Mullen and Mississippi State finally beating LSU (in Baton Rouge at night, no less!).

Thankfully, even ho-hum college football is still college football, and we were given a few nuggets that will make you chuckle from the weekend.

Like these....

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Steven Hotze Reams Gays in Conference Call

This book will not be found in the LGBT section.
If there's one think Steven Hotze has thought long and hard about, it's sex between a man and a boy.

As elder statesman of Houston's homophobic right-wingnutters, the doctor (we use that term loosely) wants everyone to know what will happen if the gays aren't forced back into the closet where they belong. Which is why Hotze joined Texas GOP chair candidate Jared Woodfill and anti-gay "pro-family" group leader Brian Camenker, in a "Marriage Battle Plan" conference call earlier this month. Fortunately, Media Matters sat in on the call and has captured the crazy.

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Giants 30, Texans 17: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

So I guess the Texans aren't going undefeated. Damn.

Through the first three weeks of the season, it's readily apparent that Bill O'Brien and his staff have made some headway in fixing some of what ailed this team in 2013. However, after Sunday's 30-17 loss to the New York Giants, it's equally apparent that there is still a long way to go to make this team a consistent week to week threat to win football games.

The first half saw the Texans get a heavy dosage of what has become their customary, weekly turnover luck, with the Giants fumbling inside the Texans' ten yard line as well as mishandling a snap on a field goal. Yet still, at halftime, it was 14-0 in favor of the Giants, and could've been 24-0 easily.

The Texans fought back in the second half, cutting the lead to 17-10 late in the third quarter, but in the end, the defense's inability to stop the run (Rashad Jenning just gained another ten yards as you read this sentence), the offensive line's inability to protect Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Ryan Fitzpatrick's inability to protect us all from Evil Ryan Fitzpatrick (three INT's) all led to this team's first loss.

Hey, no harm, no foul, even if the Giants were 0-2. Hell, you could argue, if anything, the Giants' desperation explains a big part of the convincing nature of the win. They needed this. The Texans were overwhelmed, and maybe a little tired (West coast last week, East coast this week).

As always, there were winners and losers. Let's quickly roll through them, shall we?

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8 Surprising Crimes On The Books in Texas

Mary Harrsch
That better be your cow, or else you're lookin at hard time, dude..
We've all heard about the arcane laws that somehow still survive on the books. Hell, the fifth graph of the Texas Constitution says you can't hold office unless you "acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being."

This isn't a post about those types of strange-yet-unenforced laws. Under Supreme Court precedent, atheist politicians can hold office, even though they'd probably still have a tough time getting elected in many pockets of the state. While it should embarrass state lawmakers that they still haven't stripped "homosexual conduct" from the Texas Penal Code, the "offense" has been unenforceable since the landmark case Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated so-called sodomy laws across the country in 2003. Texas' "obscene device" law made it a crime to own six or more dildos until it was struck down by a federal appeals court in 2008 (reminder: Attorney General Greg Abbot, the frontrunner for governor, totally fought to reinstate the six-dildo ban).

No, these are crimes lifted from the Texas Department of Public Safety's most recent offense list that we had no idea carried possible jail time in the Lone Star State. Some we totally get (anyone who commits number No. 4 is a real scumbag). Others we found a bit more surprising.

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Cougars Whip The Rebels While Rice Embarrassed By Old Dominion

Are you ready for some football? Well, the Cougars weren't ready to kick things off Saturday
Morning football, evening football, there was plenty of college football for Houston-area fans on Saturday as Rice hosted Old Dominion in the morning and UH hosted UNLV that night. There were also plenty of seats available so that fans could come to the stadiums and watch the games, but those seats mostly remained empty for the games.

The surprise result of the day was undoubtedly Rice (0-3) falling 45-42 to Old Dominion (3-1) on Saturday. The Owls offense played an outstanding game, rolling off multiple clock-crunching drives behind the power running of Jowan Davis (150 yards on 24 rushes) and Darik Dillard (70 yards and three touchdowns on 14 rushes) as the Owls racked up the points. Unfortunately, the Rice defense mostly took the day off, letting ODU do about whatever it wanted to do, whenever it wanted, including driving the length of the field with 1:05 left in the game so as to kick the game-winning field goal. Things were a bit different at TDECU Stadium as the Cougars (2-2) struggled for the first half before quickly hitting overdrive in the second half to destroy UNLV (1-3) 47-14.


Once again the Cougars were hit with a slow start. UNLV started the game with a nine play, 70-yard drive doing whatever it wanted to the vaunted UH defense. The Cougars responded in a way that has become all too familiar to UH fans that involved QB John O'Korn throwing an interception. After a missed UNLV field goal, the Cougar defense proceeded to shut UNLV down while the offense struggled to find any kind of rhythm, and limped to the half with a 13-7 lead.

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Ex-Jailer Fired After Inmate Death Sues to Get Job Back

Categories: Courts

Taylor says if the guy who threw the punch was rehired, he should be too.
A Harris County detention officer fired in the wake of an inmate death is suing Sheriff Adrian Garcia and the Civil Service Commission in a bid to get his job back.

Christopher Taylor claims that he was unfairly singled out, because two other officers fired after the 2011 incident were later rehired. One of those officers punched the inmate -- a 72-year-old man with a history of schizophrenia -- who later died at Ben Taub, according to the suit, filed Tuesday.

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UPDATED: USDA Warns UH Over Monkey Dehydration Death

Categories: Education

Jean-Pierre Dalbera
Some water would be nice...
The USDA has warned the University of Houston that it could face severe penalties if it doesn't correct conditions in its research lab, where two rhesus monkeys have died since 2012.

The August letter was triggered by a March 2014 incident where three rhesus macaques closed a divider in their cage, cutting themselves off from the enclosure's water supply. One monkey died and two were treated for clinical dehydration.

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If You've Got a Ticket From One of These Four HPD Officers, Today's Your Lucky Day

Categories: Crime

Scott Davidson
Rudolph Farias, John Garcia, Robert Manzanales and Gregory Rosa.

If you've got an outstanding traffic citation from HPD, you'll want to check to see if any of these officers scrawled their name on your ticket. In light of an internal investigation into charges that the officers ran a ticket-rigging scam, bilking the department for thousands of dollars in overtime pay, HPD and the city attorney's office have opted to dismiss some 6,000 traffic tickets.

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NFL: This Weekend's Best Bets

Joel Kramer
Coming into the season, we all knew the Texans' schedule was relatively light. Granted, every team on the Texans' schedule was looking at the Texans as one of their opponents to justify thinking the same thing.

But here we are, two weeks in, and with the Texans at 2-0, the Colts at 0-2, and the NFC East being even worse than we'd thought, suddenly this is getting really interesting.

Check out the latest Super Bowl odds, courtesy of Bovada, with the Texans 2014 opponents in bold:

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