Homeland Security Needs Underwear for Detained Immigrants in Texas

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If you're in the underwear-selling business, you've got a customer in the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security is looking to buy thousands of pairs of men's, from size medium to 6X-large. (Who knew such a size existed?)

A solicitation posted earlier this month by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement explains that the department is looking to buy 3,500 pairs of men's underwear. The order is to be sent to El Paso.

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Republicans Share Terror Tales of Immigrant Children in Texas

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U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
Republicans are pushing for in increase in border protections to stem tide of kids crossing over here from Central America.
Here's a word from the Department of Homeland Security: Hey, places in Central America we don't want you to keep sending kids over the border. The response to the drastic increase in minors crossing into the U.S. by themselves, mostly from places in Central America, continues this week.

Sen. Ted Cruz and state Atty. General Greg Abbot on Monday visited a temporary shelter for immigrant children in San Antonio. They returned from their tour with stories of horror and ammo to scold President Barack Obama for his immigration policies they say led to this mess.

"Cruz and Abbott say they were told stories of children being ordered by human traffickers to cut off fingers and ears of other kids as a way of extorting," reports CBS.

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Five Things Perry Should Take Back While Rolling Back His Gay Comments

He does have nice hair, though.

It took long enough, but Gov. Rick Perry finally walked back his already infamous comments in San Francisco in which he compared being gay to being an alcoholic. While we admire that Perry at least may have been (probably accidentally) implying that sexual orientation is something you're born with, not something that "reparative therapy" can change, we're pretty sure he was only saying that by accident.

Now he says he should have stuck to the big picture of jobs and the economy and whatnot since everyone needs jobs. "I stepped right in it," he told the Christian Science Monitor on Thursday. An underwhelming statement, but for Perry that was practically an apology. This got us thinking about a few other things Perry has done and said that we wouldn't mind him completely taking back.

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Juneteenth Gaining Wider Recognition

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Celebrating freedom, with Texas roots.
Some term it "the other Independence Day". Today is Juneteenth, the oldest celebration of the end of slavery in the country. While widely celebrated in the South, it's taken on a more national profile. Right now, and into the weekend, there are celebrations going on marking the day.

Last week the U.S. Senate approved a resolution marking today Juneteenth Independence Day. The resolution was backed by John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.
We didn't think we'd be agreeing wholeheartedly with anything the senators have done as of late, but making Juneteenth all official is something we like.

"Juneteenth is a sober reminder of the original sin of our nation," Cruz said in a statement. "As we commemorate the long-overdue announcement of emancipation made this day in Texas 149 years ago, let us together, in the words of James Weldon Johnson, 'lift every voice and sing' in praise of the God-given freedoms we all cherish."

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Best 20 Rejected Texas Vanity Plates of All Time

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Thumbnail image for PNKTACO.jpg
Who doesn't love to eat tacos?
Everybody hates rejection. That's why it must be a major letdown for some people who come up with what they think is a very clever vanity plate slogan, only to have it not happen. Blame some pencil pusher at the department of motor vehicles office.

As a public service, we asked the DMV to supply us with their most recent information on rejected vanity plates. We don't want anyone to make the mistakes others have, and also want to give you an idea of what's kosher and what's not.

So here are 20 of the best attempts at vanity plate cleverness that just weren't meant to be. And yes, all of these plates were actually requested by real people.

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Surge in Undocumented Kids Linked to Cartel Activity, Says Texas Congressman

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Photo by Donna Burton
Lots of kids being caught in south Texas border patrol inspections.
By now you've heard about those hundreds and thousands of kids who are flowing over the border and causing what the president terms a humanitarian crisis. Some are blaming the Obama administration for leaving a loophole in its immigration policy that allows minors some time to find family and stick around the U.S. before being deported.

Texas is the new entry point for undocumented immigrants slipping into the U.S. as of late, with 7, 640 people arrested in one week for crossing into the Rio Grande Valley last month, according to a report by the Associated Press. As for the kids, in total, it's a large and growing number that have come into the Lone Star state seeking a new home, or reuniting with family. The AP also reports since October more than 47,000 unaccompanied kids are in Texas, mainly from places like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

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Top 10 Ways to Identify a Native Houstonian

Photo by Marco Torres
Nothing quite encapsulates Houston like Z-Ro's Mo City Don freestyle.

Houston is home to a booming economy. Houston is the fourth most populous city in the United States. Houston is cool.

Houston is a lot of things, home to a lot different people and cultures. And while no string of facts and qualities can quite stitch together a complete story of this city that we love, we gave it our best shot.

Here are ten signs that prove you're from Houston.

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Working Toward a VA Hotline (and Not Just Another Committee)

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Photo by Texas Military Forces
Senator and lieutenant governor candidate Leticia Van de Putte hoping to give veterans caught up in VA scandal a hotline and not another committee.
Just what veterans in Texas caught up in the records falsification scandal have been waiting for: a hotline.

Senator Leticia Van de Putte, chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs and Military Installations Committee, this week proposed a recommendation to create a special hotline to help veterans dealing with long wait times.

As you know, some thousands of veterans have been denied healthcare because of records falsification and long wait lists at VA facilities across the country.

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Our Bats May Be Cleared of Killer Fungus

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Researchers say Texas bats are safe from white-nose syndrome, for now.
We like bats here in Houston. So it's good news to us that researchers in Texas have given the ugly little guys the all-clear as far as the fatal white-nose syndrome goes.

The disease was first found in New York about seven years ago and has been making a move westward, killing millions of bats along the way. A recent survey was conducted by Bat Conservation International with money from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Targeted areas for testing and swabs from cave walls included spots in Childress, Cottle and Hardeman counties. The Panhandle is a major area of concern.

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Gay "Reparative" Therapy: As Idiotic Now as It Was When We Wrote About It Ten Years Ago

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FX Network
Maybe the GOP was inspired by the gay aversion therapy subplot in "American Horror Story" season two.
In 2004, a southwest Houston man named Christopher told the Houston Press how he had cured his homosexuality with the help of a "reparative therapy" group called Exodus Ministries. The 37-year-old man had never slept with a woman -- you know, because of all the gay sex -- but he looked forward to the experience, which he described as a "very pleasant option."

Christopher is probably pleased by the big news that Texas Republicans just adopted a pro-reparative therapy stance at the Texas GOP convention in Fort Worth.

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