Houston Woman Sues Facebook Over Revenge Porn Account

Photo by Maria Elena

Meryem Ali got a call from her cousin.

"Meryem, what is up with you and Facebook?" her cousin asked in December 2013.

Ali said she hadn't logged onto the site in months.

"You need to get home and look at it," her cousin told her, "because someone's acting like it's you, and it's not you."

Ali soon found a Facebook profile of her filled with sexual, doctored photos of her, including a photo of her performing a sex act. She asked Facebook to delete the fake profile, then she asked some more. Finally, the social network did so in April.

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Harris County Boy Hospitalized From Latest Internet Trend, the Fire Challenge

Youtube screenshot
Taken from a video titled "Fire Challenge Gone Wrong"...as if it can ever go right.
You've probably seen it at some point on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Vine feeds: people, particularly teenagers, participating in video "challenges" that usually involve doing something pretty stupid. Say, for instance, swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon in under 60 seconds, or dumping an entire bucket of ice on your head (respectively and creatively called the "Cinnamon" and "Ice" challenges).

The latest, and probably most stupid, challenge trend of them all, the #FireChallenge, has hospitalized a Harris County teenager for harmful burns. According to Lieutenant Dean Hensley of the Harris County Fire Marshal's office, the boy doused himself in isopropyl alcohol, a highly flammable substance, and proceeded to set himself on fire.

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Classmates.com Is Still a Thing?

Uh, no thanks.
The above image is a screenshot of an e-mail that appeared in my inbox recently. It's from Classmates.com. If you have never heard of it, well, it's not surprising. Just as certain inventions like the car killed off horse-drawn carriages, Classmates has been rendered almost entirely useless by Facebook...yet the good people of Classmates seem to hang on and, get this, they actually charge for it.

You heard me. This enticing e-mail with the promise of seeing pictures of some ex-significant other -- in hopes they got wrinkled and disfigured after leaving you for that jackass jock at the prom -- or some dude you thought was dreamy in 10th grade, second period algebra -- he's now a night watchman at warehouse park who enjoys long walks on the beach and scratching himself -- will cost you a membership fee to find out the answers.

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Some of Our Favorite Tweets from the #ImSoHouston Hashtag

#ImSoHouston blew up on Wednesday.
It's rare when a hashtag gets so much attention it rockets to the top of the trending list in Houston. But that's what happened on Wednesday when #ImSoHouston cropped up and began a flood of responses from people describing why they too are SO Houston.

This spawned some memorable and hilarious responses from Houstonians. We have not only some very interesting folks here, but also some seriously self deprecating ones as well. Here is a selection of some of our favorites from Twitter. There were others posted on Facebook as well, but we'll stick with the hashtag.

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Twittersphere Strikes Back at Cruel #Jadapose Hashtag

Screenshot from msnbc.com

Two weeks ago, Jada, a Houston teenager who said she was raped and that pictures of the rape went viral on social media, told her story to KHOU. We were one of the first media outlets to write about #jadapose, a hashtag people were using to mock Jada as they posted pictures of them lying on the ground like Jada was the night of the alleged rape.

Commenters said #jadapose was "disgusting." Reader Andrew Davis wrote, "One of these days God will cut them (users of the hashtag) down."

In the time since we published that article, Jada has gone national with her story, doing interviews with many media outlets, including CNN and HuffPost Live, to which she said, "I'm just very tired." And now social media has turned in support of Jada.

New hashtags such as #IAmJada, #Jadacounterpose, #StandwithJada and #JusticeforJada have spread on the twittersphere. Even #Jadapose is now overrun by tweeters who side with Jada.

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Houston Chronicle Live Tweeted the Stay Funeral

Time and place for everything?
The six members of the Stay family from Spring who were brutally murdered one week ago by the children's uncle, Ron Lee Haskell, who has been charged with capital murder, were laid to rest on Wednesday. In attendance was the sole survivor of the attack, 15-year-old Cassidy Stay, who helped lead police to Haskell by calling 911 after she had been critically shot.

Tributes and fund-raising opportunities have sprouted up across the city and the Internet to assist a grieving family with their loss, and, not surprisingly, the news coverage of the crime has been intense. For the most part, the news media has been respectful of the family's privacy while doing its job covering the story as closely as possible. But we have to wonder if the Houston Chronicle's efforts on Wednesday were a tad over the top.

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Dwight Howard Tweets #FreePalestine, Then Takes It Back When He Gets Shelled


Rockets center Dwight Howard upset a lot of his fans this weekend with his tweeting #FreePalestine, and then deleting it a few minutes later.

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Travel and Social Media: Tips for Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing, a time to rest up and enjoy yourself. It's also a great time to let your friends know just how much fun you are having and, you know, rub it in their faces. In the past, that took the form of post cards, the occasional phone call and the dreaded post-vacation slideshow. But, with technology, we can all instantly share our travel joy with our friends. Unfortunately, that sharing can extend beyond the boundaries of friends to those you probably don't want knowing you are out of town.

The last thing anyone wants while away is to worry, especially when it comes to the safety and security of your home, and social media presents a unique set of challenges in that regard. But, there are ways to mitigate your concern.

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When Tweeting Goes Bad: Mocking #Jadapose Hashtag Spreads on Twitter

Screenshot from twitter.com

A 16-year-old girl named Jada gave KHOU an interview Tuesday night about an alleged rape that went viral on social media.

According to the teen she got raped at a party and then people began talking about it and sharing pictures on social media. Police are still investigating the incident, according to KHOU.

Now, a hashtag and meme mocking her is being used. It's called #jadapose, and some people are posting photos of them lying on the ground like Jada was after she says she was raped.

"There's no point in hiding," she said in the interview. "Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that's not what I am and who I am."

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Mayor Annise Parker Looks Forward to Tossing Out Anti-HERO Petition

Photo by Susan Du
Mayor Annise Parker greets fellow HERO supporters at City Hall on Thursday before her address responding to a petition submitted for repeal of the anti-discrimination law.

Mayor Annise Parker's seen some shit, least of which are sloppy petitions.

Opponents of Houston's newly passed anti-discrimination law submitted a petition to repeal it in the 11th hour today, boasting 50,000 signatures for a measure that only required about 17,000. The mayor responded in an announcement at City Hall that she's looking forward to throwing out a high number of them in the counting process.

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