Seven Crazy Ways Houstonians May Be Trying to Lose Weight

Photo by Elena Ringo
Might be more fun than taking a laxative.
I know I am not the only woman who has her favorite jeans from years ago hiding in the back of the closet. No, I'm not a hoarder but that's my motivation. One day I am determined to fit into those jeans again.

"There are no shortcuts," said trainer and owner, Bella Barak, of Bella Body Fitness in Houston. "The only way to lose weight is through eating clean and exercise, everything else is just a gimmick."

Is Houston becoming the new Hollywood? There are so many ways to fight that extra belly fat. Some women have tried body wraps and corset training to get quick results. Here are a few more dubious ways women are trying to get their sexy on and stay slim.

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Lesbian Couple From Houston Featured in CDC's Report on Rare HIV Transmission

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Illustration by NIAID
The Centers for Disease Control this week released a report on a Houston case of HIV transmitted through lesbian sex. Rare, but true.

According to the report (which did not name any names), one of the partners, a 46-year-old woman, had been fighting an HIV infection since 2008, but stopped her treatment two years later. She started a six-month monogamous relationship with a woman in her forties who was previously healthy, and a regular blood donor in Houston. The woman had donated blood in March 2012, and tried again a few months later, but was denied for testing positive for HIV. In July that year, she was officially diagnosed with the disease.

"One of the problems here is that the original positive person decided to stop her treatment, which gave her more ability to be transmissive," Kathy Barton of the Houston Health and Human Services Department said.

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E. Coli Levels High in San Jacinto River, Says Study

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Just a few days before an east Texas man died from flesh eating bacteria following a fishing trip on Lake Conroe, a water study showed high levels of bacteria in watersheds connected to Lake Houston. The bacteria study conducted by the Houston-Galveston Area Council and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found that levels of E. coli bacteria in the San Jacinto river were outside the normal range of 126 MPN/100mL.

"Almost every stream in all of Harris County is labeled as impaired for bacteria," said Jace Houston, general manager of the San Jacinto River Authority. "The state's been measuring bacteria in various streams, rivers, and lakes for many, many years and they've set a standard and if the number goes over that standard they call it impaired. Not everyone agrees that the standard should be as low as it is."

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Houston Flu Cases on Decline as School Mourns Teacher's Death

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Illustration by TimVickers

We have a lot of flu this year. But you probably already know that.

Although exact numbers are hard to come by since hospitals only voluntarily provide information on flu cases, we do know that there were 132 positive results found this flu season in Houston's bureau of lab services. A total of 110 of those positives came from a 2009 H1N1 swine flu strain.

Talk about retro viruses spreading fear one sneeze at a time. But reports suggest as many as 16 deaths in the greater Houston area this flu season. And a sudden death this week that may be flu-related grabbed headlines.

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