Full-time Temporary News Blogger Needed

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Photo by Margaret Downing
We need someone with a passion for reporting the news
The Houston Press has an immediate opening for a full-time temporary position with benefits for a news blogger who will fill in for a full-time staffer who is out on leave.

Applicants should have strong news judgment as well as the ability to write quickly, cleanly and in an interesting manner. The abilities to use correct grammar and report accurately are essential to this position. The news blogger's job duties will include writing several posts each day for our new blog Hair Balls, editing other writer's news blog copy, scheduling content, keeping up with local news and generating a constant stream of ideas. Some weekend work is involved as well.

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Former Press Writer Mike Giglio Detained, Beaten and Released During Egypt Protests

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Former Houston Press writer Mike Giglio, who is now a correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, retold the chilling story of being detained, beaten and ultimately released by Egyptian police during protests in the capital city of Cairo on Wednesday. Giglio was one of a number of foreign journalists detained along with demonstrators during protests against the current military government, which overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in early July.

In the story he wrote for The Daily Beast on the incident, he tells of being slapped and punched in the face by police because he refused to give up the password for his laptop computer. Stories like Giglio's seem unfortunately commonplace during these kinds of protests, but when it is someone you know, it really hits home.

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April Schooled: How Two Different Pranks Caught Even Us Off Guard April 1

As the saying goes, you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on us. Apparently, in at least two cases yesterday, people got up DAMN early because a couple of our writers got caught with their virtual pants down.

We know conspiracy theorists think the media is involved in some sort of plot to conceal the truth about FEMA, concentration camps and aliens serving on the secret service (we've already said too much), but, in reality, most of us are just trying to find good story content for our readers. We WISH we had a line on aliens in the White House. Holy crap, that would be awesome!

But, when April Fool's Day comes around every year, most of us know to take publicity with a very large grain of salt or fall prey to a prank. Same goes for every form of social media where it seems everyone becomes a jokester for one day of the year and 99 percent of them are not remotely funny. For one of our writers, the damage was minimal -- exchanged embarrassing e-mails, that sort of thing. The second, however, got the story online for the public to behold. What makes it even funnier is that both writers who were fooled are regulars and very savvy guys online and off -- nevermind the veteran journalists who edit them. Eep!

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Announcing the New Houston Press Web Editor

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Cory Garcia
Cory Garcia, who has been writing about music at the Houston Press for the last year while working fulltime at the Victoria Television Group as its interactive content coordinator, will be the new Press's Web editor.

Garcia will replace Web Editor Brittanie Shey, who has decided to return to freelance writing and whose last day at the Press will be March 1.

"We're really going to miss Brittanie, who is a strong writer as well as someone who's very knowledgeable about online and social media. During the time she's been with us, she has really helped grow not only all four of our blogs, but our Facebook and Twitter presence," said Houston Press Editor Margaret Downing.

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