In Search of the Robert Durst Candy at CVS

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Photo by Aaron Reiss
CVS's new shelving is Robert Durst-proof.
Robert Durst did it again. That was the news Monday night and Tuesday morning after it was revealed that the millionaire who was acquitted of a Galveston murder had allegedly peed on candy at a Kirby CVS.

Groundbreaking stuff, we know.

Harris County District Attorney's Office spokesman Jeff McShan told Hair Balls the office charged Durst with criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor. The real question we had, though, was one that neither McShan nor ABC13 reporter Jessica Willey, who broke the story, could answer: What happened to the candy Durst supposedly peed on?

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Inmate Escapes Harris County Jail for Less Than an Hour Friday Morning

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Harris County Sheriff's Office
This is Jamon Walker.

When you're facing capital murder charges, felony escape charges are nothing. At least to Harris County jail resident Jamon Walker.

According to Harris County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Christina Garza, at approximately 4:30 a.m., a deputy saw Walker standing in an area of the jail he was not authorized to be in. According to a sheriff's office press release, Walker refused the deputy's order to stop, making his way to the outside of the building.

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Know Who the Infamous Zodiac Killer Is? You Could Get Rich!

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This is the Zodiac speaking...
The nation's leading civilian authority on the infamous Zodiac serial killings of the 1960s hopes to raise a $100,000 reward to find the California killer's identity after 45 years.

Tom Voigt, who runs, a dangerous time-suck for anyone remotely interested in the case, has launched a gofundme page, writing, "This reward will be presented to whomever comes forward with evidence that leads to the case being closed and the killer identified."

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Suspected Spring Shooter Collapses in Court [UPDATED]

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Harris County Sheriff's Office
Updated: This story was updated to include a statement from a father of one of the victims.

It can be tough to face reality. The man accused of killing six members of his ex-wife's family collapsed in court Friday morning upon hearing the allegations against him, according to reports.

The Associated Press reported that Ronald Lee Haskill, who, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, killed six people at a north Harris County home Wednesday, fell to the ground twice during a probable cause hearing -- losing blood in his face while his knees buckled. According to the AP, he was eventually wheeled out of the courtroom and is being treated in the Harris County Jail.

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HCSO: Man Who Killed 6 Was Looking for His Estranged Wife

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Harris County Sheriff's Office
Ronald Lee Haskell
Authorities have charged Ronald Lee Haskell with one count of capital murder in a Wednesday shooting rampage that left six people dead, including several children.

The details of the incident are a bit bizarre as authorities say that Haskell dressed up like a delivery man to gain entrance into the home before allegedly shooting an entire family.

Haskell was remanded to the custody of the Harris County Sheriff's Office following an hours-long standoff with police and a SWAT team.

As Harris County Sheriff's Office reports:

On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, Haskell traveled to a residence located on the 700 block of Leaflet Lane in North Harris County, demanding the whereabouts of his estranged wife.

Posing as a parcel delivery driver, Haskell forced entry into the home, holding multiple juvenile victims at gunpoint. Haskell held the juveniles at gunpoint until additional family members returned to the home. During the incident, Haskell opened fire on the family, killing six and wounding one. Stephen and Katie Stay, along with four juvenile victims were killed during the confrontation.

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When Tweeting Goes Bad: Mocking #Jadapose Hashtag Spreads on Twitter

Screenshot from

A 16-year-old girl named Jada gave KHOU an interview Tuesday night about an alleged rape that went viral on social media.

According to the teen she got raped at a party and then people began talking about it and sharing pictures on social media. Police are still investigating the incident, according to KHOU.

Now, a hashtag and meme mocking her is being used. It's called #jadapose, and some people are posting photos of them lying on the ground like Jada was after she says she was raped.

"There's no point in hiding," she said in the interview. "Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that's not what I am and who I am."

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Alleged Office Supply Con Man on the Loose in North Houston

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Photo courtesy of Houston Police Department
This is Randy Moore.

Offices supplies can be worth a lot, especially when you steal a bunch of them.

Houston police are searching for a man charged with stealing thousands of dollars from north Houston area companies since March by pawning things he buys on companies' lines of credit.

Randy Moore, a 48-year-old white male, is charged with five counts of felony theft. He earned those five counts by allegedly entering business supply stores that offer lines of credit to companies. According to an HPD press release, Moore's modus operandi is to falsely claim he works for a company, buy items on said company's line of credit and then pawn said items.

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Dude Who Murdered His Family as a Kid Now Charged With Harassment

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Courtesy the Police News
Collier, pictured here after an earlier arrest, has his own special way with the ladies.
We all have things from our past we'd rather not discuss. Some people have cheated on a significant other. Some people have filed for bankruptcy. Some slaughtered their adoptive families and served four years in juvenile detention.

Well, at least that's what Jovan Collier did, back in 1983, when he was a 14-year-old in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, named Peter Zimmer. Two women in McLennan County, Texas, who dated Collier and only recently learned of this tiny past transgression recently worked with authorities to arrest him on harassment charges.

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The Finnisher's Strange Story Continues

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Screenshot from

Remember the Finnisher? Remember the guy who tackled an armed robber and then capitalized on it with a super-duper cheesy car dealership ad?

This ad:

Well, he's struck again. ABC13 earlier this week reported that RIk Melartin was arrested for bribery and DWI in Galveston County. He blew almost twice the legal limit.

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Houston FBI Nabs 4 in Nationwide Child Sex Trafficking Task Force

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Photo by kro_royal
More than 150 child prostitutes and nearly 300 pimps were rounded up by a nationwide task force.
Child prostitutes were the focus of a recent FBI anti-sex-trafficking operation in which a total of 168 juveniles were recovered nationwide. The sting rounded up suspects in more than 100 cities and involved 54 FBI divisions. In Houston, four kids were recovered, as were four pimps, according to the Justice Department.

In all, 281 pimps were arrested around the country.

Task force operations, according to the Justice Department, "Target truck stops, casinos, street 'tracks,' and websites for dating or escort services."

Child prostitution has been targeted as a growing problem in the U.S. by a coalition of law enforcement agencies working on the issue since 2003, when the FBI created the Innocence Lost National Initiative. The FBI jurisdictions with the largest roundups of child prostitutes include Denver (18), Cleveland (16), Chicago (13), Atlanta (11) and Los Angeles (10).

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