"Developer" Still Shilling Ridiculous EarthQuest Park

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Yep, they're still at it.
We did a spit take Tuesday when we saw pretty new renderings for a long-dormant mega-amusement-park called EarthQuest prominently displayed in the Chron.

We first wrote about the eco-friendly "ClusterQuest" in 2012, after two writers for a Montgomery County paper called The Tribune exposed the dubious background of former EarthQuest consultant Don Holbrook, as well as a questionable financial relationship between Holbrook and the head of an entity called the East Montgomery County Improvement District.

Holbrook responded by suing Tribune reporter and publisher Cynthia Calvert as well as The Houston Press, and approximately 18,000 other individuals and newspapers who Holbrook said were all engaged in a a complex nationwide conspiracy against him. Because that's just how important Holbrook is, apparently. (We may be slightly off on the number of defendants).

Still shilling...

Holbrook ultimately dropped his suit against The Press and no longer appears to be involved with EarthQuest.

The new mouthpiece is Chris Brown, head of the Los Angeles-based Contour Entertainment, whose projects include a casino on Phnom Penh, a traveling Star Trek exhibit, and drawings for a Wild West-themed restaurant. (The restaurant's plans include an "immersive dining experience" where actors stage gunfights at dinner -- the awesome black-and-white rendering includes an actor dressed as a cowboy firing a gun two feet away from a little girl huddling next to her father).

Brown and Holbrook also pitched an Army tank-driving course -- featuring a separate area for a mortar firing range -- to boost tourism in the small town of Pahrump, outside Las Vegas.

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It looks like after all the promises that the investors did not come to Texas the first week of May as planned.  The land has not been purchased and Chris Brown skipped the EMCID meeting this month.  If he had the money and was about to purchase the property one would think he and Frank "The Bank" McCrady would be screaming it from the roof tops.  

All the current incumbents were sent packing in the election this month.  Maybe we will finally get some real answers!

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