Cruz, Hated Enough by Republicans, Should Get a Food Tester, ABC News Reporter Says

Ted Cruz: Still a Republican, but the Republicans aren't thrilled about that.

Republicans have been at odds with Sen. Ted Cruz for a while now, but his latest stunt seems to have propelled inner-party hatred to new heights, the kind that might require a food taster, according to Jonathan Karl at ABC News.

Cruz has spent much of his time in the Senate taking his own very unique stand in political battles, whether that lined up with the interests of his own party or not. His most infamous move was when he held his own anti-Obamacare filibuster last fall, culminating with him reading a slightly altered rendition of the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham. (In case you were wondering, he did not like Obamacare with a plan, he did not like it with a ram, he did not like it anywhere, he did not like Obamacare. Or something like that.)

Filibusters have become super popular among the political climbers these days. State Sen. Wendy Davis rocketed to political fame and a run at the governor's office based on her filibuster opposing strict abortion legislation last summer. Cruz then took a page from the Davis playbook. Even though his Obamacare filibuster wasn't technically an actual Frank Capra-esque filibuster, he got lots of media coverage and attention from that stunt.

So with the debt ceiling problem looming, Cruz took another run at a filibuster last week, most likely, we're guessing, in the hopes it would do him more good with the "real" Republicans, the ones who have lost all interest in trying to make a government actually function and work.

While Sen. John McCain has pointed out that Cruz didn't actually have his own plan for the debt ceiling, according to CBS, Cruz still attempted to filibuster the Republican leadership decision to move the legislation forward and save the political scrapping for other issues since the whole shutdown thing proved incredibly unpopular last time around.

If Cruz has many friends left before this stunt, Jonathan Karl of ABC News noted on Sunday's This Week with George Stephanopoulos that Cruz is so unpopular within his own party he will most likely "need a food taster" at weekly Senate lunches. Karl was (probably) just joking, but either way Cruz has achieved something very few achieve -- people within a party may not like each other much, but it's not often they break ranks enough to show it.

But on the bright side, if things should ever get too dangerous for Cruz within his own party, he's still technically a Canadian citizen, so he could always go run for political office there and become a Canadian problem. There's still hope.

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Cruz is a Cuban spy trying to destroy America from within. 

Puller58 topcommenter

Every Senate has at least one Senator who inspires hatred.  Obiously his errie lookalike Joe McCarthy was one, as was Phil Gramm, so he's just carrying on a tradition.


For a long time politicians have used the debt ceiling as a political cudgel, but it is only with the Tea Party that we've seen it actually used in such a way that threatened to bring the country to the economic brink. Cruz is not stupid but he knows his voters are, and now Cornyn is going to have to explain why this tactic was dumb, and why failing to raise the debt ceiling would have been disastrous. What's particularly troubling is that this Congress just passed its first budget in years, and so many of the same people who voted for that budget decided to vote against raising the debt ceiling. Even Paul Ryan, Tea Party hero, voted against paying for the budget he helped write! That's outrageously stupid and the GOP voting base doesn't even blink.


Cruz wasn't trying to have a filibuster last week! He just wanted normal procedure followed. Maybe someday the press will get their facts straight. The RINOS just wanted a simple majority vote so they wouldn't be seen voting for what the actually wanted. There were 12 Republican Senators that voted to pass a clean dept bill without addressing the spending problem. Sen. John Cornyn was one of those 12. These are also the same Republican Senators that don't want to look into the IRS investigation of Tea Party and Church groups. 


@jt481700  They addressed the spending problem already. They passed a compromise budget. It's a done deal. There's really not much else to talk about spending wise, at least nothing that requires such a drastic threat. (Nothing actually requires that, but certainly nothing now.)

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