Greg Abbott: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

One wonders how much more political mileage Abbott can extract from suing Obama, but I suppose it's probably best viewed as primary red meat. Then again, one might also wonder why Texas is spending a significant amount of its legal resources -- your tax dollars -- fighting a political fait accompli rather than something that inures to the benefit of all Texans.

When's he not litigating against the federal government, he's shooting guns and protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Indeed, Abbott, though he is simply the Attorney General, is also taking credit for Texas's economic growth. I was curious as to how Abbott, the state's top lawyer, deserves credit for Texas's economic growth. Multiples calls to Abbott's press secretary went unreturned.

In any event, it is undoubtedly true that Abbott far outpaces Perry in the brains and intellectual curiosity department, even if it still tends to lead him to the same basic policy proposals. So, at least Texas won't have an overgrown frat boy who found religion to lead it. There's that.

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Abbott is a LIAR. Though he brags constantly how he loves to sue Obama, he sucks up to the Fed big time when he imposes and collects monetary child support on mostly fathers. Yet he does nothing to assure the subject child will ever have a subsequent relationship with its father. He gives us no statistics on the effects of his intrusions either. I happen to know that Parental Alienation is a rampant form of child abuse today and its probably due to PWORA 1997, and its willing whores, aka State attorney generals.

Puller58 topcommenter

It should be noted that Texas has the second weakest Governorship in the US.  (Weakest is Colorado.)  So George W. Bush was given credit when he had little to do with much of anything.  (That according to Tucker Carlson he mocked Karla Fay Tucker showed that the Governor did have something to do with the parole/clemency system, it also showed how sincere his "faith" was.)  Perry of course wasn't even on a par with Bush as most of his campaigns hid him to avoid hoof in mouth eruptions.  (I knew he'd meltdown in the Presidential sweepstakes.)  As for Abbot, he's just another political climber trying to get to the top of the totem pole.  And Wendy is a sacrificial lamb for the election.


Well, heck , of course he is for tort reform.  He got his.


" ... Abbott far outpaces Perry in the brains and intellectual curiosity department ..."   And even a quarter moon is brighter than a black hole.


Let's not be so pessimistic. Of course Davis probably won't win. But I reckon if Colorado can turn blue, so can Texas. Gerrymandered districts and voter suppression can work forever. The future is for Democrats. We just can't wait on it to happen; we have to make it happen. Stop giving away races. Put some real effort into organizing and making noise. It can happen. We just can't lose heart if we don't win this particular race.

johnnybench topcommenter

No single person has done more harm to injured people in Texas over the last twenty years.  The fact that he enriched himself by taking advantage of the very rights he has systematically stripped from others, either as a judge, supreme court justice or attorney general, is the cherry on the sundae.  

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