Blame Gary Kubiak All You Want, But Rick Smith Shares the Responsibility for the Texans' Failure

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Does anybody trust Smith to run a draft? To pick a coach? Does anybody think a proven coach like Gruden or Dungy will want a job that has the likes of Smith around as the boss, especially now that it appears Smith was one of those stabbing Kubiak in the back, which is quite the payback seeing as how Kubiak supposedly got Smith the job.

The front line's a mess. There's no QB, the tight ends might be gone after the year, Andre Johnson's another year older and Arian Foster's coming off another injury. Does anybody besides Bob McNair think that Smith is the person to fix this?

The Texans aren't the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were an underperforming franchise stocked with Pro Bowlers and All-Pros who just needed the right coach. Aside from Andre Johnson, J.J. Watt and Brian Cushing (when healthy), the Texans are just average. Andy Reid could leave KC for Houston and not come close to replicating the success the Chiefs are having this season.

Maybe I'm reading this all wrong. Maybe next season's Texans, under the guidance of a new head coach, are this season's Chiefs. Maybe Rick Smith will be proven a genius when he's working with a new coach who's not an offensive genius or a quarterback guru. Maybe Bob McNair got it right and Smith's greatness has been hidden by the ineptitude of Gary Kubiak.

But does anybody believe this? Anybody besides Bob McNair? And does it really matter if anybody else really believes it because the only person who needs to believe it is McNair, and he appears to be buying into the crap that Smith's shoveling, which means the ultimate problem may not be Rick Smith, but McNair. It's McNair who's screwed up his big hires. Who chose Charley Casserly and Dom Capers? It's McNair who picked Gary Kubiak and then Rick Smith. It's McNair who made the hiring of Capers's replacement contingent on fixing David Carr.

Bob McNair means well. But meaning well isn't enough. Not when meaning well consistently produces a mediocre football team before a loyal fan base that is just waiting to embrace a winner, and that's forever left disappointed.

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I don't know what you're smoking but all of them, Kubiak, Smith, & McNair, are to blame.  Kubiak for being a dimwit who runs an outdated, predictable, repetitive offense. Smith for being a dimwit for letting good players go to other teams without getting anything back for them, for screwing up the salary caps that forced us to give up good players, and for making Schaub one of the highest paid players in the NFL to the detriment of our ability to retain good players at the O-Line and other positions. McNair for being a dimwit who stayed with Kubiak this damn long! No other headcoach ever had Kubiak's record and still working for this many years, none! Also McNair for still wanting to keep Smith after all the mess he has created and some, such as letting Jacoby Jones, Trindon Holiday, DeMeco Ryans, Chris Jones, Eric Winston, and Mike Brisiel go for nothing, just to be stars for other teams and prove how inept Kubiak and company are at coaching.

Puller58 topcommenter

There was a rumor long ago that Charlie Casserly actually left Houston due to McNair meddling.  (The Ed Reed signing has been laid at McNair's feet. Could be Smith panders to his boss.)  The problems Royal laid out are all true, and I'm sure plenty of coaches are allergic to being put the position of answering to the second coming of Ladd Herzog.  This won't end well.  One of the folks on sport talk radio has a thing for Rex Ryan, and I do believe if the Jets can him that he'd take the job since his ego rivals his father's but he is NOT the answer.


If given a choice most football people aren't willing to work for the Texans


Boob McNair is the reason the Texans are lousy.


I've got to disagree with this analysis. The Texans' problem hasn't been talent; they've got an incredibly talented team. Of course there are deficiencies; the right side of the offensive line was decimated by free agency, and we still could use another top defensive back.

The problem has been twofold: Injuries and an overly conservative approach, both in terms of offensive playcalling and tough personnel decisions.

Matt Schaub is a good quarterback. But he's not elite, and as he's aged, his deteriorating athletic abilities have taken him farther away from elite status. Kubiak should have made the tough decision two seasons ago and demanded a new QB. Any idea of what the Texans would be like right now had they picked up Peyton Manning? I'd be willing to bet that those 2nd half losses by a touchdown or less would have been victories the majority of the time.

This gets back to the conservative approach. McNair gave Kubiak way too much time to field a competitive team. Kubiak gave Schaub way too much time to lead the team to the Superbowl.

We've had a steady stream of very good talent on the team, and I think Rick Smith should be commended for this. It would be a big mistake to let him go.

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