Jameis Winston Wins the Heisman, Now Where Will He Put It?

Well, the Washington Post recently did a "Heisman Tracker" piece in which they discovered the location of each winner's actual Heisman Trophy. If Winston is looking for some guidance on this, here's how the piece shook out:

At winner's (or widow's) home: 35
Winner's parent(s') home: 12
University building: 9
Bar/restaurant: 5
In storage: 4
At high school alma mater: 3
Museum: 3
Grandparents' home: 1 (Manziel)
Public library: 1 (Ward)
Casino: 1 (Allen, in the LUXOR)
Florida somewhere: 1 (C. White)
Work office: 1 (Spurrier)
Private buyer in Michigan: 1 (Hart)
Daughter's home: 1 (Laettner)

A few of my favorite stories about where the trophies are located:


Tebow said his trophy is at his parents' home in Jacksonville, behind family pictures and photographs from his sister's wedding -- symbolizing, he says, that individual achievements are less important, no matter their significance, than family milestones.

Ah, Tebow's camp couldn't just answer the question. Had to be preachy on the way out the door, too, I see. Who would've known family was important without Tim Tebow telling us all about his displaying his trophy behind his family snapshots?


The Heisman Trophy won after Dayne broke the career record for rushing yards is kept in a display case at a Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Madison, Wis., according to Dayne's booking agent.

Of course it is.


When Brown met with an architect to design his home in DeSoto, Tex., near Dallas, he wanted his Heisman Trophy to be a focal point. So together, they drew up a showcase near the front entrance; past the doorway on the right would be a lighted space for the 1987 Heisman. Then again, most times the showcase is empty. Usually, Brown said, his trophy is in a cabinet at his mother's house in nearby Duncanville. If Brown hosts friends or important visitors, he retrieves it and adds it to the showcase, but for most of the past 15 years, that custom-designed Heisman alcove has contained no Heisman.

I love that Brown has to go over to his parents' house to pick up the trophy if he has important people coming over to his house that he wants to impress. "Ma, I need to come over and pick up Heisman." Like it's a pet or a child.


In 2000, according to reports, White auctioned his Heisman for $184,000 to settle tax debts. The trophy was later resold, reportedly to actor Charlie Sheen, and then to an Arkansas memorabilia collector named John Rogers. Along with several Southern California alumni, Rogers offered to return White's Heisman if he could make his money back. But learning that White had sold the trophy, Rogers said, the alumni lost interest. Rogers, who admits the effort to return the Heisman was as much a publicity stunt as anything, instead sold the trophy to a buyer who insisted he sign a non-disclosure agreement. All he'll say now is that the money was wired from New York and the trophy shipped to Florida.

Oddly enough, with Reggie Bush's Heisman having to be vacated and returned because of NCAA violations, and O.J.'s being sold as part of a civil suit because he killed two people, this is only the third most bizarre story of Heisman Trophy whereabouts involving a former USC running back.

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Puller58 topcommenter

I could be mean, but I'll skip that comment.  Now would he be a good pick for the Texans?  Frankly, I have this sinking feeling that the next coach will take another position player and pick the QB later in the draft. 

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